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Soffit & Fascia

Don’t paint your eave, overhang, roof edges, or soffit and fascia! Although many homes have exterior maintenance free siding, many builders have neglected to cover the hardest part of the home to maintain. In addition to needing maintenance, the soffit system provides much needed ventilation for the attic area – keeping moisture out in the winter months and lowering the attic temperature in the summer months resulting in lower air conditioning costs.

It is imperative to assure that proper ventilation is addressed prior to making your system maintenance free. Once you cover this area in maintenance free aluminum or vinyl, you will not only reduce the constant maintenance but you can add to the value of your home and relieve you from the hassle of maintaining this area of your home.

In addition to your soffit and fascia system, we can cover virtually all exposed wood on your home – for example corners, window and door trim, fringe board or decorative trim.

Based in Naperville, Exterior Designers, Inc. provides replacement siding products including cedar/wood siding, fiber cement siding, vinyl siding, stone siding, soffit and fascia for Naperville, Lisle, Downers Grove, Woodridge, Aurora and the surrounding areas.