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Roofing 101

Roofing 101

When making decisions regarding a new roof, there are a few important guidelines and tips you should know and consider. While most roofing companies offer their services without a full tear down of the current roof, it is more efficient to rid the home of all current shingles and start over.

Although more expensive, a full tear down prevents a significant amount of errors that may occur during the installation process. Putting shingle over shingle does not allow the installer to see where the current flashing is on the roof, making it possible for even the most experienced craftsman to make a mistake. Flashing is imperative when it comes to leak prevention, and putting nails through it defeats the purpose of its existence. Saving some money on a shingle over shingle installation will most likely cause you to spend it on repairs soon enough. Many people prefer shingle over shingle repairs not just because of the cost, but because of the mess a tear down brings with it.

At Exterior Designers Inc., we pride ourselves in our ability to make it as clean of a process as possible. Unlike other companies we do not leave an unsightly dumpster on the customers property, instead we use a cart which we take and empty each day. We also vigorously comb through the grass with rakes, brooms and magnets to make sure we can leave the landscape like nothing ever happened.

There are other advantages of full scale tear downs including the ability to check plywood decking to make sure there is no mold or rotting below the surface of the shingles. Most mold and rot is caused from bathroom vents pumping air directly into the attic. Here at Exterior Designers Inc. we counter that by installing specific vents that lead directly from the bathroom fan to the outside of the roof. This prevents warm air from sitting in your attic and building up moisture which then leads to mold. Other than the bathroom fan vent, we also implement ridge venting. There are two main ways a roof fails: weather, and moisture from the attic. During the installation process we do all that we possibly can to ensure that your roof is built to last.

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