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7 Warning Signs of a Risky Roof

7 Warning Signs of a Risky Roof

Many homeowners choose to replace a roof because they want to affect the overall look of their home. But there are several other reasons a new roof should probably be in your near future.

How do you know when it’s time for a new roof on your home? While there are many indicators that a roof may be in trouble, here are 7 common signs that it’s time to get your roof checked out by a professional.

  1. Condensation in attic area and/or nail popping.
  2. Curling shingles
  3. Leak in the ceiling
  4. Cracks in the ceiling
  5. Visible watermarks in the ceiling
  6. Appearance of “waves” on the roof
  7. Weather damage
  8. Approximate age of 15-25 years

If you notice any of these signs in your house, it’s wise to get an expert opinion. EDI can help┬ábefore the problem gets bigger.

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