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Ventilation, Flashing, and Skylights

When it comes to a successful roofing project, there is much more to a roof than just the roofing product itself. When considering roof replacement, a homeowner must take into consideration the entire job which consists of proper ventilation, flashing, decking repair etc.

Fans and Ventilation

For years, attic fans have been the mainstay in keeping the attics cooler in the summer, however they do not last very long and can run continuously, costing you electricity expense in addition to your air conditioning load. Static vents or mushroom vents were also widely used.

Much has been learned about ventilation over the years and although in some instances attic fans and static vents are the only way to ventilate due to the design of a roof; ridge vents and proper Soffit intake will provide much better ventilation year round. They look much better, birds cannot build nests in them and they offer much more ventilation without weakening the plywood roof deck cutting holes for vents.


Flashing is another vital part of the roof. The biggest leak in a roof is either flashing related at a penetration point in roof to wall flashing or chimney flashing. We see many roofs with rusting flashing on a new roof. Eventually you will need to replace the flashing thus tearing up the shingles causing the new shingles to not match. We replace all flashing when doing a roof installation with a maintenance free aluminum in a color that will enhance the roof to insure no future problems and leaving your roof with a clean look. We also take extra steps as a backup to prevent leaks.



If a home has a skylight, we usually recommend replacing them with the roof. New skylights have high performance glass and are not only more thermally efficient, but we can assure leak-free by using the newest products available. If you replace it later, the shingles used around it will not match  the roof due to weathering and or different run numbers. We only use Velux — the leader in skylights. If installed properly these products will not leak. Solar tubes are another inexpensive way to get light into a hallway or bath that does not require major work like a skylight does. Each has its own place and are used for different needs for the home.


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