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Entrance Doors

Along with windows, doors play a large role in energy efficiency. However, many entrance doors can offer a somewhat inexpensive design statement to your home. Today, along with energy savings, homeowners are installing doors with leaded glass and side lights that can set off an otherwise ordinary look on a home.

The maintenance free doors also provide a variety of custom wood grains and pre-stained finishes. These doors offer security, energy efficiency and design.

Patio Doors

Many homes have patio doors that are truly a nuisance. Whether it be an aluminum or wood door, who has not had the frustration of glass fogging up, screen continually coming off the tracks, doors that will not slide due to bad rollers, or doors that ice up in the winter? Today, there have been great strides in addressing the above problems and have not only offered an energy efficient alternative, but also an assortment of styles that will compliment the room they are in.

Doors come in wood, steel, and fiberglass. All these doors offer virtually the same options of style and design; however, only fiberglass and steel offer a maintenance-free performance.

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