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Finding The Finishing Touch

Finding The Finishing Touch

Exterior Designer’s Inc. offers many different siding options, many of which have a unique ┬áset of accessories and accents that can be installed to increase curb appeal to your home. To start, Alside siding offers a wide variety of options when it comes to adding some extra detail in order to really separate your home from the rest. One of the first options is window and door trim. Windows and doors are one of the first things your eyes wander to when looking at a home, and trim offers a distinctive way to accent those focal points.

Another way to give your house a distinctive look is by using corner accents and vertical columns. Corner accents and columns help to define proportions and increase the apparent size due to the effect on the perceived height of the home. Gable walls, soffit and dormers offer a variety of unique ways to spice up the design of your home. To see a complete list of accessory options and pictures, click here.

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