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Customer Service

EDI has a simple philosophy: “under promise and over perform.”

Do not promise what you cannot deliver and when a problem rears its ugly head, meet it head on and solve the problem. No finger pointing, just solve the problem even when it hurts. Solving problems today means satisfied customers and referrals tomorrow. We are fortunate to have many testimonials to support this philosophy.

Starting with the moment that you call our office, we strive for first rate customer service.

We do not use an answering machine but we have a twenty-four hour answering service and you will always be greeted by a live person. The answering service patches the messages directly to the owner’s phone so customers and referrals can be called back in a timely fashion. Messages to us via the website and email are sent directly to our phones. Many of our customers choose us simply because we called them  back, called when we were running late and followed through on what we told them we would do. Our customers say we are professionals, but EDI believes it is simply common courtesy.

Regardless of the issue, we strive for a 48 hour turn around.

When you call for service, either our service man or the owner will contact you to schedule an appointment to remedy the problem. We keep detailed information about each of our customers along with the description of what was sold including color, style etc. This information provides the installer with all the details to fix the problem in a timely fashion.

Our customers receive a warranty from the manufacturer for the product we sell them but in the event they have a problem we insist that they call us so we can be aware of our customers needs. We also offer a 5 year labor warranty.

The best gauge of our customer service is our referral business. Referrals and repeat business continue to be more than 3/4 of our business.

Remodeling projects are not immune to problems. When they occur, we make every effort to solve the issue as quickly as possible.