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Transform Your Home Into Your Dream Home with James Hardie Building Products – Part One

Posted by on May 31, 2012 in EDI+, General Exterior, Helpful Home Tips, Siding | 0 comments

  For real value, wood and wood composite products just don’t cut it. Wood makes a great first impression, but what you really want is a great first impression that lasts. That’s why more and more homeowners across America are turning to James Hardie siding products with ColorPlus Technology. ColorPlus combines the beauty and character of wood with the durability and low maintenance of fiber-cement. In comparison to wood based and vinyl products, James Hardie offers many distinct advantages. In this article we will show the comparison between wood based and James Hardie (Fiber cement) When it comes to combustion, James Hardie siding is non-combustible, and is approved for fire-related construction. Whereas wood based siding will burn when exposed to a significant source of heat. James Hardie offers products that are engineered to your local climate which allows resistance to...

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Finding The Finishing Touch

Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in EDI+, General Exterior, Helpful Home Tips, Siding | 0 comments

Exterior Designer’s Inc. offers many different siding options, many of which have a unique  set of accessories and accents that can be installed to increase curb appeal to your home. To start, Alside siding offers a wide variety of options when it comes to adding some extra detail in order to really separate your home from the rest. One of the first options is window and door trim. Windows and doors are one of the first things your eyes wander to when looking at a home, and trim offers a distinctive way to accent those focal points. Another way to give your house a distinctive look is by using corner accents and vertical columns. Corner accents and columns help to define proportions and increase the apparent size due to the effect on the perceived height of the home. Gable...

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New Product: Versetta Stone

Posted by on Apr 2, 2012 in Client Projects, EDI+, Siding | 0 comments

The future of stone remodeling is finally here! Exterior Designers Inc. now carries Versetta Stone, and could not be more excited about it. Versetta Stone is a panelized stone veneer that is making stone exteriors more affordable, accessible, and stylish than ever before. Just recently we completed our first installation of the stone in Naperville, IL. (pictured below, and in the following photos featured in this article). The project also included the installation of Alside Prodigy 6” insulated siding as well (pictured below). Along with the stone panelling, Versetta Stone also has many accessories to choose from. Those accessories include: light boxes (pictured below), receptacle boxes, trim stones, and caps.  ...

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Preview Your Home With Different Siding & Roofing

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in EDI+, Roofing, Siding | 0 comments

Wondering what your home will look like with different roofing and/or siding? Alside, a trusted supplier of EDI for 20+ years, has created the Design Showcase to solve just that problem. The Showcase allows you to view different colors and styles and get a feel for your new look. When you’re ready, EDI can help you make final...

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