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EDI Celebrates 25 Years!

Exterior Designers, Inc. has recently entered their 25th year in business! After two and a half decades, EDI, and Founder & President, John Gallagher, are still going strong.

With a clear devotion to providing incredible customer service, and a foundation built on developing lasting relationships, EDI has been able to experience consistent growth each year, due to an ever increasing number of customer referrals.

Recently John Gallagher celebrated his amazing feat with members of his Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce group – Home Team.

John Gallagher & Naperville Chamber CEO, John Schmitt


EDI Marks The Occasion by Giving More to Customers

While many companies might celebrate 25 years with a party for their employees, etc. John Gallagher is marking the occasion by giving back to his customers.

To celebrate 25 years of helping home owners make the exterior of their homes more beautiful, last longer, and contribute to a better level of efficiency, EDI is announces the launch of EDI Plus — an online community and resource center with helpful tips and educational articles designed to empower home owners!

Check out EDI +